Top 11 celeb weight loss secrets you didn’t know about!

Our A-plus stars and famous celebs surely have a few secrets up their sleeves whether they want to become ultra slim for a sad role or want to bulk up for a super hero movie. With that said, they are surely very different from us with their fitness goals as they are super motivated every single day.

If you think the ordinary tricks don’t work for you, checkout the top celeb weight loss secrets, try them and make your weight loss journey not only fun but swift.

Khloe Kardashian: Slow and steady wins the race

Khloe kardashian needs no introduction and when it comes to her weight loss secret, that doesn’t need any either. When Khloe decided to lose weight, she wasn’t ready to let go of her favorite snacks!
What she did instead was, stuck to a good workout routine and steadily lost 30 pounds. Her idea to lose weight was to slowly build a routine for steady results.

Marisa Miller: Show it off!

Super model Marisa Miller suggests that staying on display helps her stay motivated when everyone praises her super sexy body. With that said, take inspiration and get social. Moreover, dress up nice and take pictures so that you stay conscious of your weight gain and ultimately resort to eating less and exercising more!

Jena Dwayne Tatum: Make the most of your mama-baby time!

Getting back to the original weight post pregnancy can seem hard while taking care of a small baby. Nonetheless, Jena opted for creative ways to squeeze in exercise by spending quality time with her daughter.
She did lunges, calf raises and other exercises while rocking her baby to sleep. Way to go Jena!

Miranda Kerr: Don’t Bloat!

Victoria Secret’s model is proud of her non bloating technique she opts everyday so that she can stay fit and smart. All she does is take a spoonful of coconut oil (unrefined), first thing in the morning to boost the metabolism, get the digestive system working while helping get rid of the bloat. Cool right?

Oprah Winfrey: Get your Thyroid checked!

Oprah Winfrey needs no introduction and neither does her weight fluctuation. Oprah confessed that her weight problem is partly due to her thyroid glands. Hence, take that from her and get your thyroids checked instead of indulging in all healthy activities and still seeing zero results.

Liv Tyler: Hit the Cold Side!

Extreme temperatures can help us lose weight but who knew a cold shower could do the trick! Liv tyler reveals her secret and says that she usually switches the knobs to the cold side not only because it helps seal the pores and makes the hair shine but it also helps lose weight. What an effortless trick!

Melisa Joan Hart: Grab a Fitness Buddy

Melisa was able to lose up to 70 pounds by simply turning her fitness routine into a social event! How? She used to go for walks out with friends, used to workout at the gym with her close friends and if no one was available, she simply asked her husband to join. Fun way to get losing weight off your mind and nonetheless losing weight?

Beyonce: Go Vegetarian

Beyonce is known for trying out different weight reduction tricks every now and then but her coolest of all is going all vegan for a brief phase. By not opting for animal foods such as chicken, fish and meat, one can cut back on all the calories they bring. Moreover, vegetables are healthier to eat not only because of their high hydration amounts but also because they are fresh, full of vitamins and minerals.

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Christina Aguilera: Relax

The beautiful singer Christina Aguilera revealed that losing weight was easy when she decided to try Reiki. The ancient Asian practice is not only relaxing, but it also helps relieve stress and worries. Christina stated that by staying relaxed and stress free, she lost weight easily and more swiftly.

Brooklyn Decker: Your Favorite Tunes!

Listening to music is often stress relieving but when weight loss is in question, why not tune in to your favorite melodies and make the most of the upbeat songs?
This is what Brooklyn did. She often listened to Taylor swift’s songs and danced away, not worrying about a thing. This not only helped her mood lighten up but also kept her in shape.

Jennifer Hudson: You motivate You!

Listening to others advice on losing weight can be intimidating but once you want to lose weight because you feel you have had enough, that’s when the true weight loss journey begins.
Jenifer Hudson advices all her fans to lose weight for themselves and only themselves, as staying motivated becomes easier and once results can be seen, the person achieves inner happiness.



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