Selena Gomez amazing weight loss transformation!

The princess of pop music, Selena Gomes was mocked after gaining weight.

Selena Gomes weight loss 2017

After a daunting scenario on social media about her weight gain, she changed everything about her diet and exercise and at last lost 20 pounds.

She has been the eye candy started her career from Hollywood at the age of 10. She has been spreading the talent of her singing and acting because of which her fans following is HUGE!

The controversy about Selena’s weight gain started after April 2015 when some of her pictures were published when she was in Mexico for vacations.

The pictures got so much hype that it caused quite insults and verbal abuse to her in social media.

Fans were kept pushing her to look after her overweight physique.

selena gomes Although she admitted that the food consumption was a bit elevated in her case, also she used to eat too much of junks which is why she got so much meat on her thighs and belly.

Since the young singer and actress has got plenty of richness which has its own perks, as Selena was ordering “junk food delivery” straight to wherever she was on any given day.

According to some legit reports, Selena gained over 20-22 pound weight anyone can notice by the pictures. She gained this much of weight in 6 weeks of the time period, which was the main reason for her depression.

The latest pictures, on the other hand, has a different type of story where Selena Gomes dropped over 20 pounds in a period of only 3 weeks. Faster than she gained those pounds.

The slender figure regaining started in the year 2016 which took about 3 weeks as mentioned above.

Her trainer gave a short summary about her weight loss journey, in which he explained the five critical eating habits that Selena had to focus to be established to lose 20 pounds faster.

To be honest, it takes a set of disciplinary actions plus habit maintenance to achieve that goal which Selena had in her. People are going crazy about those five weight loss habits. These are

Controlling the Appetite

Selena was an extremely sweet eater. Sweeter edibles are the main reason a person gain lots of weight.

selena gomes before and after 2017

Selena had to make a choice, she was instructed to take a powerful pill when she starts to crave for sweets. The pill was actually a natural metabolism boosting agent that mainly works as an appetite suppressant.

Boycott from Fried Foods

Deep fried items have Trans fatty acid, which on a long basis can cause cancer. When it comes to weight loss, every nutrition will ask you to prohibit the use of fried items. Selene did the same thing, she restricted her consumption of fried food and replaced it with grilled fish.

Fish contains omega 3-fatty acid, which according to many studies can help in reduce weight. Selena consumed different types of grilled fishes, which is why her hair and skin is way too perfect.

Replace fruits with Candies

Selena did not stop the consumption of carbohydrates in her diet, but she surely did replace it with some health full fruits. Instead of eating jello, skittles, chocolates and other junkies, Selena had different varieties of fruits such as grapes, apple, pineapple, and watermelon.

selena gomes light clubThe only benefit she got from this habit was the plethora of vitamins and fibers were too added in her diet, which you cannot find in her previous choice of candies.

With the help of this habit, she saved about one thousand calories per day.

Occasional Fasting

The terms define the activity that includes “Fasting in an erratic way” which means that you can eat your required calories in one a specific time frame and then you go for fasting at least for 16 hours.

This trick has been renowned as one of the most dieting strategy in 2016.

There are many benefits you can get from this, first your body energy level will be remarkably enhanced, and it is also very helpful in weight reduction.

Selena had gone through this strategy as she would not eat anything from 9 p.m until 1 p.m of the next day. According to her, it was an easier task for her.

Fibers & Carbs as last meal

Before undergoing to 16 hours of fasting, Selena used to load herself up with plenty of carbohydrates and fibers. The reason behind was this so she would not generate any craving for sweets.

With this trick, she completed her 3 weeks of successful intermittent fasting. She certainly used weight loss pills which she took in the morning, 3 hours before she’s going to a fasting state.

The perfect dietary regimen was along with a pretty serious workout regimen as well which made Selena physically strong. It was mandatory since she wanted to shed her pounds in a perfect way.

Her weight loss workout plan?

The secret behind Selena Gomez’s 20 pounds of weight loss was not only the perfect diet plan.

selena gomes transformation 2017

It also included tough workout sessions. Hitting the gym and going cardio was the main part.

According to her trainer, Selena dropped 20 pounds faster than any other celebrity because she used to work out early in the morning on an empty stomach.

In this way, she was burning the calories which were truly unwanted fats that give a bulging look on stomach and thigh area.

The herbal weight loss pills gave her energy to sustain loads of workout.

Losing weight is really a tough task required a high level of hard work and dedication.

Selena Gomez is the live example that you can achieve your fitness goal if you work hard for it.

That’s how she transformed her body within less than a month duration.


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