How To Improve Your Cognitive Function

The brain is an organ that is responsible for your whole body is up to speed with all that is required to be done in a way of communication. The brain communicates with the body through chemical messengers known as neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters are responsible for your heart continues to pulse, blood continues to flow throughout your body and maintain the all organs continue to work as properly.

Exercise  Regularly:

Exercise not only enhance your brain health and improve cognition function, it can also improve your memory. Additionally, it can even protect your brain from degeneration.

Research shows that exercise not only reduces our excess weight and emotional stress, but  exercise can have a long term significant effects on brain function as you age, regular exercise helps to boost brain function and enhances neurogenesis. This means that you creating new brain cells every time after you exercise.

If that is it not reason enough to get into a regular workout or exercise routine.

Get off the couch and get exercise! Your brain will thankful to you for it .

If you exercise regularly you know the exercise always makes your mind feel active and more focused.

Different types of exercise have different effect on cognitive ability.

Cardio and weight training :

  • Cardio, weight training or lifting weights and playing sports give us long term improvements to cognitive function like improved memory and reduced risk of memory loss (dementia). If you regularly exercise, you will improve your brain functioning for your entire life.

Aerobic Exercises :

  • Aerobic exercise stimulates the production of new neurons by the process of neurogenesis through the supply of neurotopic factors that are derived by the brain.

Endurance Exercises :

  • Endurance exercises stimulates the release of Irisin, a hormone linked to enhance cognitive function, fat loss and have impact on overall health.

Sleep well :

Sleep is required to build up your memory and learning power. Go to sleep between the hours of 9pm and midnight to take the advantages from the most effective hours of sleep .The majority of adults over 95% should sleep between 7.5 to 9 hours for every night in order to avoid sleep deprivation.

But if you suffer from the deprivation of sleep, gray-matter volume in frontal lobe located on the brain may begin to reduce or in future you will experienced the less brain in your head. The frontal lobe in the brain responsible for memory working and other executive functions.

Get on a regular sleep  : Go to bed every night and get up at the scheduled time each morning.

Avoid all bright lights for at least an hour before you go to bed:

The rays of blue light emitted by televisions, tablets and computers suppress the production of hormones such as melatonin, a hormone that is responsible to make you sleep.

Reduce your caffeine use : Caffeine may interfere with your sleep. Some peoples are more sensitive to caffeine even morning coffee may interfere with your night sleep.

Eat well ;

Healthy foods plays a significant impact your brain health. You should add an antioxidants and amino acids particularly vitamin E into your diet

Nuts, blueberries, whole grains, and avocados are good for your brain health.

Reduce the calories intake and saturated fat:

According to the research the diets that are rich in saturated fat such as from red meat, whole milk, butter, cheese and cream can increase your risk of full or partial memory loss and impair concentration and memory.

Eat more fruit and vegetables:

The colorful fruits and vegetables are rich in an antioxidant, substances that protect your brain cells against damage.

Drink green tea:

The active ingredient in green tea is polyphenols, a powerful antioxidants that protect against free radicals which can damage your brain cells. Regular use of green tea mayt enhance memory and slow down the process of aging.

Nutritional supplements :

Nutritional supplements have the abilities to enhance cognitive functions. Vitamin B6 has been discovered to enhance memory but not only Vitamin B6 also vitamins E, B12 and are claimed to be the best brain booster.

Noocube, A Nootropic Supplement For Cognitive Enhancement:

Noocube is formulated with enhanced formula after careful selection by a variety of neuroscientists. It will helps in significantly improving cognitive skills or to enhance individual ability, working memory and to maintain mental focus and concentration that has been largely affected by stress and anxiety these days.

Increases focal attention eventually increases the cognitive memory and individual learning over time by expanding the mind ability to remember things both in the immediate and long term future.

Since NooCube is free from caffeine, gluten or genetically modified organism (GMO’S) therefore it is easier to use and will not cause anyone in being addicted towards it.

Top 4 Testosterone boosting herbs and supplements

There is a large variety of things that get better with age, it can be a wine or cheese but when it comes to human body, the things are another way around. As human body ages, it starts declining in every possible way the only number of age increases and everything else goes down especially after the age of 30 certain hormones starts declining by 1% every year.

Levels of Testosterone have no exception to that phenomenon, but here is some good news, supplements on the market today can actually help you out in low levels of T.

However, one should be aware of the components of the supplements before making any purchase.

This article is going to cover some of the essential ingredients that are best for enhancing the levels of Testosterone, do check their presence in the supplement before making the purchase.

  1. D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA):

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) is naturally present in Leydig cells (testicular) and it works like a carrier of the message between your brains to Leydig cells to change cholesterol into testosterone.

Scientifically, it has been confirmed that taking supplementation that has D-AA is great for testosterone levels because in the research that was conducted in Italy, it was observed that the subjects (participants) who were asked to take hardly 3 gm of D-AA for a period of only 12 days was resulted in 42% increased of the Testosterone.

Moreover, the high levels of increased hormone remained high after this research and retained themselves up to 22% even after the 3rd day and it is relatively a high number to consider.

Thus, D-AA is considered one of the essential ingredients for any testosterone boosting supplement.

Bottom Line: D-Aspartic Acid presence is a complete “Yes” for your T Level Booster Supplement

  1. Fenugreek:

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a ubiquitous plant (herb), it has been linked with Ayurveda, it is said to have many benefits for human body.

Furthermore, it has been observed that it is an essential component in many testosterone boosting supplements either in the form of powder or often enough in extracted form.

By the way, do not get confused, this herb does not belong to any Greek family (but an Indian herb), it has not been used just as a medicine but actually as a spice in many Asian Indian cuisines.

Even according to a study that was held in Mary Hardin-Baylor (Belton, Texas), two groups were examined, one was given the fenugreek supplementation with proper exercise regimen the other group was given the placebo with the proper exercise regimen. Both the groups noticeably improved their stamina & strength equally but after 4-week observation, the fenugreek supplementation group continued to show high stamina than the group which was on placebo.

Bottom Line: Fenugreek has high potency to leverage the levels of Testosterone hormone.

  1. Panax Ginseng:

Another very popular herb for enhancing the Testosterone is Panax Ginseng. This herb has been in use for several years and it came on the market after the long research of years.

This discussion is about the genuine Ginseng that has the origin from Korea. There are thousands of studies and clinical prove that this herb is highly recommended one when it comes to changing of levels of T to the adequate degree.

How does it work?

Ginseng basically enhances the levels of Nitric oxide and almost every knowledgeable  person know that Nitric oxide is good in regulating the blood flow to the adequate level, plus it will also improve production of testosterone

Bottom Line: Ginseng is good for hormonal balance.

  1. Tribulus Terrestris:

Tribulus Terrestris is another plant (herb) that must be included when the discussion is related to Testosterone.


This plant has the tendency to increase luteinizing (another hormone in the human body) that can encourage part of your body that is associated to produce testosterone to create some. It may also impact positively other functions of the body.

Even the supplements that have “TT” in any form in them are said to elevate testosterone.

Bottom Line: Presence of Tribulus Terrestris in supplement is good

  1. Testogen:

Testosterone is one of the ideal supplements on the market, all the natural things that we discussed today in this article are great on the individual basis and Testogen happens to have all of them. You can just imagine how powerful it is with all those mighty ingredients.

Testogen can boost your workout sessions by simply elevating your strength and level of stamina. Moreover, it is simply amazing at helping your body in losing weight.

This supplement is safe and effective because it is made up of all the natural ingredients and their clinical studies prove that how effective they all can be together for elevating the testosterone levels.

Bottom Line: This supplement can provide the results that you have been waiting for!

Include these in your diet and burn fat in no time

Nature has blessed us with many blessings and one of them is food. There are some categories of food that have significantly intense thermogenic effects, so when we eat those foods, they simply accelerate our metabolic rate that is highly essential in burning fat. Plus there are some man-made combinations that aid as well the process of fat melting.

Today, this article will be covering some of those things that can help you out in maintaining your body in healthy way without causing you any side effects.

Not only food but certain supplements can be a great help when they are incorporate in your life style in an adequate manner. We are going to discuss them in a brief manner to facilitate you, hope you will get help from them.  J

  1. Guacamole:

Guacamole is a dish of mashed avocado with some chopped vegetable mix like tomatoes, chili peppers, onion and some usual seasoning.

It is some real yumilicious, hunger appeasing snack for human beings. It is not just any other ordinary snack but it actually contains high vitamin B6 that works on belly fat and stress hormone cortisol that is responsible for the belly fat often.

Additionally, this guacamole enriches with monounsaturated fat. This type of fat is healthy and it can actually be helpful in blocking the fat supply in the surrounding of belly area by maintaining levels of fat genes down.

This theory has been confirmed in a study of journal diabetes care. Furthermore, these healthy fats are likely to be the reason behind the feeling of satisfaction that people experience when they take merely half fresh avocado in their lunch and they experience 40% less hunger for long period of hours.

  1. Cayenne Pepper:

One of my personal favorites!

Cayenne pepper is not just simply making our food a little tastier and spicy but it is also great at providing us (human beings) certain health benefits. Cayenne pepper is famous with different names like Cow-horn pepper, red hot chili pepper, and red pepper (Guinea spice).

This natural compound has potential to provide life alternating health benefits to you. Plus the history of its usage like food as well as a medicine is almost 9000 years old! It can decreases acidity and can change blood circulation in the body.

Moreover, an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has declared that day-to-day consumption of capsaicin (an element normally found in pepper) accelerates abdominal fat loss by increasing ability of body changing food into energy. It also works like an appetite suppressant in a natural way.

Plus, as per researchers have observed, people who take spicy food mainly spicy appetizers tend to consume overall 200 less calories in the main course afterward as compare to those who take normal starters/ appetizers at the beginning of their meal. So, simply make cayenne pepper a part of your meal and reap the advantages of this spicy seasoning.

  1. White Tea:

White tea has some tremendous health benefits when we talk about cancer causing things, cardiovascular associated issues or for the betterment of oral health since it contains anti-aging and antioxidant characteristics that are ideal for sustaining fitness and health.

White tea is basically one of the tea styles that are made from less processed tea leaves. It is good for protecting skin from UV light effects that are pretty harmful and it is great at boosting right elements in your body to generate breaking down of fat and stop adipogenesis (regeneration of fat cells)

Most of the researchers are agreed to this notion that white tea is high in antioxidants that lead the releasing of fat from cells and aid liver’s ability to convert fat into source of energy.

  1. Almonds:

Almonds do not only taste great but just a handful of almonds are enough to give you an actual punch of fat burning.

Thanks to L-arginine (a type of amino acid), human body can experience more than 62% decline in weight and BMI with just 24 weeks’ straight usage of almonds. It has been confirmed in a study that was conducted in 2105.

Bottom line is almonds can be helpful in burning fat and carbs.

  1. Sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are jam packed with the vitamins like (vitamin A, B6 and C) that are ideal to provide you levels of energy that is at your disposal when you go to gym.

Sweet potatoes are included in the list of ‘slows carb food’ that makes them more appealing because slow carbs are literally stay in your tummy for long to give you a satiate feeling that allow you to avoid excessive intake of food.

Furthermore, these sweet treats also have carotenoids, antioxidants that regulate levels of glucose in your blood and plunge insulin resistance that is great at refraining calories conversion into fat.

  1. Chilled potatoes:

Every white carb food is not bad for losing weight. But as a matter of fact, plain simple boiled potatoes are on the top of the list of “slow carb foods”.

It has been shown in a European Clinical Journal through an Australian study, if you are willing to optimize potatoes flat belly benefits, simply put it in the fridge or a make a salad, do as you please with these potatoes but the cooling process will crystallize the resistant starch into the tubers that actually take pretty much time in breaking down in your guts.

Thus, it makes it better for hunger pangs and eventually for burning fat.

  1. Capsiplex sport:

You are willing to shape up your body and half battle you have already won because ‘decision’ especially related to changing your life style for getting a more ideal body structure is not an easy one.

Now just take the correct choices and you are good to have that healthy weight toned body.

Speaking of healthy choices, opt for Capsiplex Sport (an ideal choice of thousands), this supplement has some life turning effects in it with no unpleasant side effects because it is made up of natural ingredients to maximize its benefits for the consumers.

Capsiplex has the following benefits:

  • Best for increasing body endurance
  • Best for speeding up metabolism
  • Best for improving mood
  • Best for maintaining good levels of energy
  • Best for improving thermogenic effects
  • Best for developing leaning mass

Make this supplement part of your before exercise routine to gain additional benefits and get satisfied!


Significant effects of HGH supplements on men and women

Human growth hormone is one of the most important hormones secreted naturally in the body. This protein-based hormone is extremely vital for the normal physical and mental development in children. In adults, however, it is important for boosting energy, sustaining muscle tone and strength, stabilizing mood and for maintaining normal metabolism. This hormone is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland in a pulsatile manner and its peak secretion is seen during the growing stages of an individual.

By 30 years of age, its secretion starts declining naturally and though there are ways you can increase the secretion of HGH, the results are generally short-lived. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that HGH supplements have been doing the market rounds to improve the quality of life and even promote longevity. Remember, HGH supplements have been used in the past in children suffering from naturally-occurring HGH deficiency with conclusive and positive results.

Human Growth Hormone and Its Effects on Men and Women

Since HGH is pro-development, just mentioning the HGH supplements brings an image of well-muscled men, showing off their bodies! Did you know an interesting thing about HGH? Unlike men, women secrete higher levels of HGH during puberty and adolescence. However, just like men, this secretion gradually drops down as women enter their 30’s!

This does not mean that the secretion stops altogether. The pituitary gland still secretes enough HGH to sustain your body’s daily functions. Here is a basic outline of the functions of HGH in our bodies.

  • It sustains muscle tone and improves endurance.
  • It increases protein synthesis in the body, stimulates lipolysis and reduces liver uptake of glucose.
  • It enhances formation of new glucose within the body, a process known as gluconeogenesis.
  • It supports pancreas and is also involved in controlling the secretion of pancreatic hormones.
  • It strengthens the immune system and improves bone density.
  • It improves skin tone and elasticity.
  • In women, it is especially important in preventing vaginal dryness.

HGH Supplements and How They Affect Women

Now that we know how HGH affects our bodies, we can concur how its natural decline can adversely affect our body’s normal functions. Though HGH supplements have been used in children to treat naturally-occurring HGH deficiencies, they have become quite popular amongst adults as well. There may be a few risks but generally, the benefits outweigh the risks! Here are a few benefits of using HGH supplements in women.

  • HGH supplements ae known to enhance muscle strength. Although there are limited studies to support this claim, a study has revealed that HGH supplements enhance hand and leg strength in older women.
  • HGH supplements are known to reduce the bad cholesterol and total cholesterol levels in our bodies. As we age, the natural decline of HGH secretion leads to arterial plaque buildup which, in turn, is associated with an increase in cardiovascular diseases. HGH supplements prevent the plaque buildup and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases!
  • As mentioned earlier, HGH improves skin tone and elasticity. For women, the worse part of aging is losing the skin’s youthful elasticity, tone and subsequent appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. HGH supplements stimulate elastin and collagen production and help restore your youthful skin! HGH supplements are also known to regrow and restore your shiny and luscious hair!
  • HGH supplements are known to improve memory, moods and concentration, thus ensuring emotional well-being as we age!

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HGH Supplements and How They Affect Men

HGH is just as important for men, as it is for women. As mentioned earlier, it helps improve muscle strength, physical endurance, keeps sugar levels in check, helps in maintaining lean body mass, enhances libido and energy levels and most of all, improves mental alertness. Just like women, there is a natural decline in HGH secretion and it is at this point that HGH supplements work their magic! Let’s look at some of the benefits HGH supplements in men.

  • HGH supplements improve overall cardiac and lung functions, thereby improving the supply and availability of oxygenated blood to the various parts of the body. This improves energy levels and physical endurance.
  • HGH supplements enhance bone mineralization and strength. Besides their effects on bone density, HGH supplements also work on strengthening the tendons and ligaments, reducing the incidence of exercise and sports-related injuries!
  • HGH supplements are known to promote an increase in testosterone levels, which helps in restoring sexual functions and improving libido.
  • HGH supplements are known to increase muscle mass and strength and most importantly, they help in accelerating body’s fat loss while maintaining lean mass.
  • HGH supplements are known to improve the quality of sleep. Reports have shown that men, who take HGH supplements, have a deeper and more restful sleep as compared to their counterparts.

HGH Supplements are Beneficial as We Age and They Come with Their Share of Risks, However, The Benefits Outweigh The Risks!

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7 natural drinks ideal for fat loss

You must have heard about the famous quote, “Health is wealth”. While it is true to the core, it is needless to say that nothing is more appealing when you are in your top shape. Not only can you wear the clothes of your choice, look great in pictures and of course, stay active and fresh.

Nonetheless, staying healthy and slim comes with its set of guidelines as you need to limit yourself when eating out, drinking soft drinks and definitely when you think about being a couch potato all day long.

If you think you lack the patience and discipline to follow diets and exercise plans, fall back on the easy alternatives; fat loss drinks. They are not only easy to make at home but are perfect for daily consumption for a swift weight loss.

Read on to know about the best weight loss drinks, drink them up and lose weight without making extra efforts.

Honey Cinnamon Water

The simplest of all is honey cinnamon water. Since most of us already have these basic ingredients present in the kitchen, it is hardly a minute’s process to make yourself the ideal weight loss drink. Simply take a glass or a mug of lukewarm water, add a teaspoon of honey and 1/4th teaspoon of cinnamon in it. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and drink it at least 3 times a day. You will start noticing fat loss results from the 2nd day and believe us, you will get hooked on to it like anything!

Lemon Water

If you lack the patience to create a drink, simply have a glass of water with half a lemon squeezed in it. Lemon is a natural antioxidant which gets rid of free radicals and toxins from the body while it also allows your metabolism to boost. Since it has vitamin c in it, it also makes your skin look healthier.
For best results, drink one glass on an empty stomach early morning and enjoy the drink 2 more times the rest of the day.

Black Coffee

Coffee is everyone’s favorite drink, whether chilled or hot. Coffee is known for its stimulant effects but what people don’t know is that it can also aid in weight loss. Well, don’t be ready to add milk, cream and sugar in it just yet!
In order to lose weight via drinking coffee, you need to enjoy it in its rawest form. Black! Black coffee might be bitter but hey, don’t you want to lose a few pounds?
Simply enjoy up to 5 mugs of black coffee a day and be ready to be energized, slim and active like never before.

Ginger Honey Drink

Did you know ginger can help you lose weight? When mixed with honey, it can help boost your metabolism, hence aiding in a swift weight loss. This drink might need a few more minutes to cook before you can enjoy sipping it away.
Grate ginger in small pieces and allow it to boil. Rinse it and pour it in a mug. Let it  cool for a few minutes. Add a teaspoon for honey and drink up. You can always make a 1 liter jar of ginger water and store it in the fridge and simply heat it up before drinking.

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Green Tea

Well, nothing can beat green tea! Green tea is not only great for digestion but since it is an antioxidant, it allows your body to get rid of all sorts of toxins with every sip you take. Green tea tastes even better when you add a few drops of lemon. By adding lemon, not only will you fire up the fat loss process but also enjoy a better flavor.
Drinking up to 6 cups of green tea is advised if you want to lose weight quickly. Kloe Kardashian used to drink 12 cups of green tea in a single day for weight loss results.

Raspberries Cocktail

If you love fruity flavors, make the most if it and enjoy the raspberry cocktail. Who can avoid cocktails when designed especially for weight loss? Create your own by taking a bowl full of raspberries, blend them with chilled water and add a dash of cinnamon. Drink it up and lose weight happily.

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

Most people enjoy apple cider vinegar only for its taste in salads and while marinating meat. That’s not its only purpose! Apple cider vinegar is full of antioxidant properties and since it has great effects on digestion and metabolism, why not make the most of it and drink it with plain water for an easy weight loss?
Have 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a single glass of water before each meal and after each meal. Notice a difference in yourself within a few days!


Can I Buy Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids at GNC?

The title of this article is not an ordinary one

But as a matter of fact, it is the most asked questions among the category of this question.

Or should I put it this way that  the “CrazyBulk GNC” is the most searched Keyword.

The answer is rather straight forward but unfortunately due to a handful unethical people this question has become slightly a tricky one to answer.

This is the reason that my team and I have decided to put the question forward in terms of discussion via this article to clarify the confusion that people usually seem to have related to this question,

Especially when it comes to ask things through comments and emails when receive this question quite frequently.

Are CrazyBulk Products available like Amazon, GNC, or Walmart?

Amazon, GNC or Walmart being the largest retailers are supposed to keep every kind of goods at least things that are relevant to their brand names.

However, in this particular case things are other way around; do you want to know why?

Then keep reading and you will be left with certain useful information by the end of this article.

What are Legal steroids?

When we talk about steroids they have more than one meaning.

Our bodies are designed to produce steroids on its own and our bodies exactly know how much is needed to sustain a healthy life style and the process of production starts as soon as our bodies reach the right age.

Thus, apart from a few exceptional cases you do not need to take any extra steroids or unless your doctor prescribes you so.

There is a second category of steroids that your doctor may advice you as a pain reliever, for curing asthma or for a certain type of skin diseases, you may also need it when you are facing some sort of deficiency that steroids can give you relieve from.

There is another type that exists and it is almost banned in the many parts of the globe and they can only be attained through illegal sources and nine out of ten times their usage ends up in deadly out comes.

However, they do give miraculous outcomes though they are short term but they are enough to make people crazy enough to consider their usage.

Then there are kind of steroids that are legal to be used as in nature they are not steroids themselves but they kind of work like hormone boosters that actually already exist in your body and CrazyBulk is one of those steroids alternatives.

Thus, they are legal to be utilized.


  1. Gaining strength
  2. Muscle gain
  • Mass gain
  1. Overall body performance

Where can I purchase CrazyBulk supplement? Can I buy it at GNC, Walmart or any other retailers?

This is the most common question to be asked.

So, is CrazyBulk available in Brick and Mortar stores?

My team and I have searched all over the internet

But we were not able to get any success in getting the CrazyBulk products at GNC stores or any other Brick & Mortar stores. Almost all the authentic retailers do not happen to have CrazyBulk.

To confirm it to a large extent we contacted these stores and retailers

  • GNC
  • CVS
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Walgreens
  • Amazon

Although, there are retailers in real life as well as online who do provide CrazyBulk Products but unfortunately, they are not providing the original formula of the products.

Only place where the availability of original formula is guaranteed is the original website.

If you have located that CrazyBulk products are available anywhere else excluding its original web page then let the producers know as they have not given rights of selling it to any authentic retailers not to speak of the sub standard ones.

Risks of not purchasing on official website:

When you are not buying CrazyBulk from official sites then you are bound to face these drawbacks for sure:

Substandard quality issue:

Quality is not guaranteed when you when buy CrazyBulk from elsewhere as producers are bound to give you the best quality that you are paying for and their Good will is at the stake

But any other party why even bother about quality as for them nothing is at stake and they are in win-win situation.

You are the one who lose in such scenario.

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No Money back guarantee:

No money back guarantee is provided if you buy from any third party source. Even though being a buyer it is your right to get this assurance.

But things are not very upsetting if you make your purchase from original site.

As in that case my friend, you will get a 14-Day money back guarantee on any unopened bottle and even that is unconditionally!

The producers do realize how much your money is important and if you are not satisfied then you have a right to get your money back.

Well, that’s when customer value comes! Great going team CrazyBulk..!

Shipping Charges:-

CrazyBulk at GNC is not even option.

So, does it mean, you need to bear heavy shipping charges if you place an order?

But no, Genuine producers have facilitated you their too,

As in USA and Europe the Shipping is absolutely free

But in other countries it has very insignificant charges and that are only $9.99

My Final Conclusion and the piece of advice to you:

CrazyBulk products appear to have those qualities that are normally found in steroids but luckily they are not steroids themselves but the legal alternatives.

They are serving a great purpose of resolving people’s fitness related issues with an ease.

That is why my team is able to recommend you CrazyBulk as the best possible solution because not only it is reliable but it has a large variety as well to cater your fitness related problems.

However, if you make the products purchase from somewhere else things may not turn around so well.

That is why we highly recommend you to place your order through the genuine site only as nobody has authority to sell CrazyBulk Products and it is because to keep the quality intact!

Start your bulking up or lean muscle body with CrazyBulk with a complete confidence that it will be improving your fitness and overall being.


Celebrity News Blog Launches Their Official Website

San Diego, CA – May 30, 2017 – Celebrity News Blog happily announced today that they already launched their official website and it is

This will be the newest celebrity gossips and entertainment news blog where people can go and read hot and new articles and blogs about various topics which include lifestyle, transformations, couples, diets, fashion TV and workouts.

This is celebrity gossips and entertainment news blog, so make a good and eye caching news for this PR and submit it.

There are much more new and exciting things to learn about from this website.

Celebrity News Blog is one of the most trusted blog sites that can be visited to learn about losing weight.

This website is offering a lot of great stories about losing weight that can serve as an inspiration to others who are struggling to lose weight.

This website shares different stories which include stories of losing weight about Mama June, Melissa McCarthy, Chrissy Metz, Scarlett Moffatt and a lot more.

Celebrity News Blog will give a lot of stories which include topics about lifestyle, couples, transformations, fashion, diets and workouts.

Celebrity News Blog assures that in their website, internet users will be able to find the newest news and gossips including interesting information regarding celebrities.

They are hoping that everyone will be enticed to visit their official website and be involved through leaving comments on Twitter and Google Plus.

Celebrity News Blog promises that they will be releasing more new topics and articles that would share information and lessons to everyone.

6 Essential DIY Weight Loss Drinks You Didn’t Know About!

When the fat content of the body exceeds its limit according to the BMI you fall under, you automatically start looking obese. While there are millions of fad diets, gym exercises and other ways to reduce a few pounds, on the other hand, not everyone has the time or the energy to follow a rigorous routine after a busy day’s work.

In other news, did you know your body is made up of 60% water? Did you know that if you drink enough liquids, you can keep your body working to its full potential without adding any fat layers on the body? For this reason we shine the spotlight on the newest method to burn fat; Fat Loss Drinks!

Yes, fat loss drinks. These drinks are not only easy to make at home but more importantly, they are full of nutrients essential for our body, without any fat, bad cholesterol, etc. If you want to lose a few pounds without following a specific diet, simply add the following drinks in your daily routine and help cut back on excess calories!

Green Tea with Lemon

The easiest and the most effective fat burner there is, is green tea. Green tea is not only full of antioxidant properties but is also great at flushing out free radicals from the body swiftly. Green tea is ideal for weight loss as it helps increase the metabolic rate and in turn, you lose calories. While it is also known to fire up the core temperature, fat burning becomes easier.
Simply have your daily dose of 4 cups of green tea with lemon juice so that you become smart in just a week.

Detox Refresher

The detox refresher is a blend of natural ingredients mostly found in everyone’s homes. This drink is served cold with crushed ice so that it becomes refreshing and cools down the core temperature. This slimming down drink is great for summers as it will also help relieve sun burn, headache caused due to heat, help flush out toxins and the citrus content will heal the internal digestive area.


  • Cucumber 1
  • Mint Leaves 10-12
  • Grapefruit 1/2
  • Lemon Juice 1 teaspoon
  • Crushed Ice (Up to you)
  • Water 1 glass

Simply blend all the ingredients together in a blender and enjoy the drink for 5 days in a row, drinking up to 3 glasses a day to witness weight loss results.

Ginger Potion

Ginger is known for its antioxidant properties mainly because of gingerol present in ginger. Ginger is great at combating cancer, preventing cancer and is also great for the hair and nails. The added lemon juice brings a zesty flavor to the drink, aiding to a tasty blend so that you enjoy drinking it one after the other!


  • Ginger root (2 finger sized stems)
  • Lemon juice (1 teaspoon full)
  • Water 2 glasses
  • Honey (1/2 teaspoon)

Mix all the ingredients well together and keep the water lukewarm. Drink this amazing weight loss potion twice a day, once first thing in the morning and second, 45 minutes after dinner. Witness great results from day 1.

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Apple Cider Appetizer

Apple cider vinegar is known for its amazing benefits for overall health. While apple cider vinegar is ideal for losing weight, it is also spot on when increasing the metabolic rate is concerned. Moreover, apple cider vinegar reduces water retention and helps stabilize the body pH level. Apple cider vinegar is also known for helping curb hunger pangs while it is great for curing allergies. Need I go on?

  • Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tbsp
  • Water 15 ounces

Simply mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in lukewarm water and drink thrice a day before meals.

Fruity Detox Refresher

This fruit filled refreshing concoction is a blend of watermelon, mint and lemon. For taste, you can also add strawberries. This drink is perfect for dieters as it helps reduce water retention, helps keep one hydrated while providing the consumer with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. This drink is also perfect because of its anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Watermelon (2 cups in cubes)
  • Lemon juice (1 teaspoon)
  • Strawberries (1/2 cup) optional
  • Mint leaves (10)
  • Crushed Ice (1/2 cup)

Blend all the ingredients well and serve fresh.

Sugarcane Fantasy

If you need a taste changer and a mood lifter, this drink will do just the trick. This refreshing summer cocktail is awesome to sip on due to its sugary taste and when mixed with pineapple chunks, it becomes heavenly. This drink is not only a great antioxidant but it is also great due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Sugarcane (2 sticks)
  • Pineapple (1/2 cup cubed or sliced)
  • Water (2 glasses)
  • Ice (optional)


Top 11 celeb weight loss secrets you didn’t know about!

Our A-plus stars and famous celebs surely have a few secrets up their sleeves whether they want to become ultra slim for a sad role or want to bulk up for a super hero movie. With that said, they are surely very different from us with their fitness goals as they are super motivated every single day.

If you think the ordinary tricks don’t work for you, checkout the top celeb weight loss secrets, try them and make your weight loss journey not only fun but swift.

Khloe Kardashian: Slow and steady wins the race

Khloe kardashian needs no introduction and when it comes to her weight loss secret, that doesn’t need any either. When Khloe decided to lose weight, she wasn’t ready to let go of her favorite snacks!
What she did instead was, stuck to a good workout routine and steadily lost 30 pounds. Her idea to lose weight was to slowly build a routine for steady results.

Marisa Miller: Show it off!

Super model Marisa Miller suggests that staying on display helps her stay motivated when everyone praises her super sexy body. With that said, take inspiration and get social. Moreover, dress up nice and take pictures so that you stay conscious of your weight gain and ultimately resort to eating less and exercising more!

Jena Dwayne Tatum: Make the most of your mama-baby time!

Getting back to the original weight post pregnancy can seem hard while taking care of a small baby. Nonetheless, Jena opted for creative ways to squeeze in exercise by spending quality time with her daughter.
She did lunges, calf raises and other exercises while rocking her baby to sleep. Way to go Jena!

Miranda Kerr: Don’t Bloat!

Victoria Secret’s model is proud of her non bloating technique she opts everyday so that she can stay fit and smart. All she does is take a spoonful of coconut oil (unrefined), first thing in the morning to boost the metabolism, get the digestive system working while helping get rid of the bloat. Cool right?

Oprah Winfrey: Get your Thyroid checked!

Oprah Winfrey needs no introduction and neither does her weight fluctuation. Oprah confessed that her weight problem is partly due to her thyroid glands. Hence, take that from her and get your thyroids checked instead of indulging in all healthy activities and still seeing zero results.

Liv Tyler: Hit the Cold Side!

Extreme temperatures can help us lose weight but who knew a cold shower could do the trick! Liv tyler reveals her secret and says that she usually switches the knobs to the cold side not only because it helps seal the pores and makes the hair shine but it also helps lose weight. What an effortless trick!

Melisa Joan Hart: Grab a Fitness Buddy

Melisa was able to lose up to 70 pounds by simply turning her fitness routine into a social event! How? She used to go for walks out with friends, used to workout at the gym with her close friends and if no one was available, she simply asked her husband to join. Fun way to get losing weight off your mind and nonetheless losing weight?

Beyonce: Go Vegetarian

Beyonce is known for trying out different weight reduction tricks every now and then but her coolest of all is going all vegan for a brief phase. By not opting for animal foods such as chicken, fish and meat, one can cut back on all the calories they bring. Moreover, vegetables are healthier to eat not only because of their high hydration amounts but also because they are fresh, full of vitamins and minerals.

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Christina Aguilera: Relax

The beautiful singer Christina Aguilera revealed that losing weight was easy when she decided to try Reiki. The ancient Asian practice is not only relaxing, but it also helps relieve stress and worries. Christina stated that by staying relaxed and stress free, she lost weight easily and more swiftly.

Brooklyn Decker: Your Favorite Tunes!

Listening to music is often stress relieving but when weight loss is in question, why not tune in to your favorite melodies and make the most of the upbeat songs?
This is what Brooklyn did. She often listened to Taylor swift’s songs and danced away, not worrying about a thing. This not only helped her mood lighten up but also kept her in shape.

Jennifer Hudson: You motivate You!

Listening to others advice on losing weight can be intimidating but once you want to lose weight because you feel you have had enough, that’s when the true weight loss journey begins.
Jenifer Hudson advices all her fans to lose weight for themselves and only themselves, as staying motivated becomes easier and once results can be seen, the person achieves inner happiness.


Selena Gomez amazing weight loss transformation!

The princess of pop music, Selena Gomes was mocked after gaining weight.

Selena Gomes weight loss 2017

After a daunting scenario on social media about her weight gain, she changed everything about her diet and exercise and at last lost 20 pounds.

She has been the eye candy started her career from Hollywood at the age of 10. She has been spreading the talent of her singing and acting because of which her fans following is HUGE!

The controversy about Selena’s weight gain started after April 2015 when some of her pictures were published when she was in Mexico for vacations.

The pictures got so much hype that it caused quite insults and verbal abuse to her in social media.

Fans were kept pushing her to look after her overweight physique.

selena gomes Although she admitted that the food consumption was a bit elevated in her case, also she used to eat too much of junks which is why she got so much meat on her thighs and belly.

Since the young singer and actress has got plenty of richness which has its own perks, as Selena was ordering “junk food delivery” straight to wherever she was on any given day.

According to some legit reports, Selena gained over 20-22 pound weight anyone can notice by the pictures. She gained this much of weight in 6 weeks of the time period, which was the main reason for her depression.

The latest pictures, on the other hand, has a different type of story where Selena Gomes dropped over 20 pounds in a period of only 3 weeks. Faster than she gained those pounds.

The slender figure regaining started in the year 2016 which took about 3 weeks as mentioned above.

Her trainer gave a short summary about her weight loss journey, in which he explained the five critical eating habits that Selena had to focus to be established to lose 20 pounds faster.

To be honest, it takes a set of disciplinary actions plus habit maintenance to achieve that goal which Selena had in her. People are going crazy about those five weight loss habits. These are

Controlling the Appetite

Selena was an extremely sweet eater. Sweeter edibles are the main reason a person gain lots of weight.

selena gomes before and after 2017

Selena had to make a choice, she was instructed to take a powerful pill when she starts to crave for sweets. The pill was actually a natural metabolism boosting agent that mainly works as an appetite suppressant.

Boycott from Fried Foods

Deep fried items have Trans fatty acid, which on a long basis can cause cancer. When it comes to weight loss, every nutrition will ask you to prohibit the use of fried items. Selene did the same thing, she restricted her consumption of fried food and replaced it with grilled fish.

Fish contains omega 3-fatty acid, which according to many studies can help in reduce weight. Selena consumed different types of grilled fishes, which is why her hair and skin is way too perfect.

Replace fruits with Candies

Selena did not stop the consumption of carbohydrates in her diet, but she surely did replace it with some health full fruits. Instead of eating jello, skittles, chocolates and other junkies, Selena had different varieties of fruits such as grapes, apple, pineapple, and watermelon.

selena gomes light clubThe only benefit she got from this habit was the plethora of vitamins and fibers were too added in her diet, which you cannot find in her previous choice of candies.

With the help of this habit, she saved about one thousand calories per day.

Occasional Fasting

The terms define the activity that includes “Fasting in an erratic way” which means that you can eat your required calories in one a specific time frame and then you go for fasting at least for 16 hours.

This trick has been renowned as one of the most dieting strategy in 2016.

There are many benefits you can get from this, first your body energy level will be remarkably enhanced, and it is also very helpful in weight reduction.

Selena had gone through this strategy as she would not eat anything from 9 p.m until 1 p.m of the next day. According to her, it was an easier task for her.

Fibers & Carbs as last meal

Before undergoing to 16 hours of fasting, Selena used to load herself up with plenty of carbohydrates and fibers. The reason behind was this so she would not generate any craving for sweets.

With this trick, she completed her 3 weeks of successful intermittent fasting. She certainly used weight loss pills which she took in the morning, 3 hours before she’s going to a fasting state.

The perfect dietary regimen was along with a pretty serious workout regimen as well which made Selena physically strong. It was mandatory since she wanted to shed her pounds in a perfect way.

Her weight loss workout plan?

The secret behind Selena Gomez’s 20 pounds of weight loss was not only the perfect diet plan.

selena gomes transformation 2017

It also included tough workout sessions. Hitting the gym and going cardio was the main part.

According to her trainer, Selena dropped 20 pounds faster than any other celebrity because she used to work out early in the morning on an empty stomach.

In this way, she was burning the calories which were truly unwanted fats that give a bulging look on stomach and thigh area.

The herbal weight loss pills gave her energy to sustain loads of workout.

Losing weight is really a tough task required a high level of hard work and dedication.

Selena Gomez is the live example that you can achieve your fitness goal if you work hard for it.

That’s how she transformed her body within less than a month duration.